Published Date: 1st March 2017

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BUY OUT is a quiz game show that puts couples, best friends and partners to compete for a prize against another couple. Working as a 2 member team increases the chances of winning as two minds are better than one but getting your partner to stay on your team is hard as the other contestant can buy out your partner once they earn 10 points. Initially two contestants play, if any of them answers a question correctly they earn 10 points. If any of them reaches 10 points, they have an option of losing the 10 points to buy they partner in and they can now assist each other. If the other player earns 10 points, they have an option to use the points to ‘BUY IN’ their partner or ‘BUY OUT’ their competitor’s partner to weaken them. Having them play with a best friend or partner gives them the challenge to work hard to bring on their partner who initially is out. It also gives them the challenge to save the game or the partner or both. It about sacrifice in pursuit of a big price. contact 0772 743 760